Taiwan Excellence Product Showcase 2016 Coming To Time Warner Center September 22-25

The Taiwan Excellence Product Showcase will be held for the first time at the Time Warner Center from September 22-25, 2016. Featuring over 50 award-winning products from Taiwan’s leading innovation companies, the exhibition will allow visitors to experience some of the latest technological breakthroughs across a range of different categories including gaming computers, smart accessories, alternative transportation and sustainability. Many of the items will be making their exclusive U.S. debut. The event will also include cultural performances, product demonstrations and more. Taiwan Excellence Product Showcase 2016 will be open to the public daily. Admission is free. For daily schedules and additional information, click here.

Founded in 1992 by the Ministry of Economic Affairs of Taiwan, Taiwan Excellence is the highest accolade awarded to a Taiwanese product. Selected annually, the winners represent the most modern and high quality products made by Taiwan. The Taiwan Excellence Showcase tours the world each year to promote Taiwan’s culture of technological innovation and leading-edge design. The exhibition is supported by the Ministry of Economic Affairs, organized by the Bureau of Foreign Trade, MOEA and implemented by the Taiwan External Trade Development Council.

Some of the 2016 Taiwan Excellence Award-winning products being featured include:

  • Gaming Computers
    • MSI GS60 Ghost is the world’s thinnest gaming notebook; measuring less than 19.9 mm thick and weighing less than 4.2 pounds.
    • ASUS ZenBook Pro UX501 is a slim and highly portable desktop-replacement, featuring sleek design and expert performance.
    • ADATA HD720 Waterproof/Dustproof/Shockproof External Hard Drive is an ultra- durable and ruggedly designed unit determined to protect your data.
  • Smart Accessories
    • uHandy Mobile Microscope integrates the capabilities of a conventional microscope and a CCD camera to transform your smart device into a portable microscope.
    • ChipSip SiME Smart AR Headphones integrates advanced audio and video features from smart glass and headphones.
    • FSP Group Energy Storage System is a heavy-duty, yet portable, power station on wheels that provides 900Wh for virtually any electronic device.
  • Alternative Transportation
    • Heartway Brio S19P Power Scooter is lightweight and foldable and optimized for traveling through urban terrain.
    • Pacific Cycles New Birdy Standard 9sp is an ultra-compact folding bike that provides all the comfort and performance of a full size bicycle.
    • DARFON JS1 features a strong, durable frame for long-lasting performance. The JS1 is ideal for short rides to the park, a quick spin around the neighborhood, or even longer rides in the countryside.
  • Sustainability
    • O’right Recoffee Tree in the Bottle Shampoo is formulated with 100% coffee oil extracted from recycled coffee grounds. The biodegradable bottles are also made from coffee grounds and contain coffee seeds at the bottom that can be planted and grown into a tree.

Read full story at http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/taiwan-excellence-product-showcase-2016-coming-to-time-warner-center-september-22-25-300318904.html


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