Are you a Time Warner Cable customer? Here’s what to expect after mega-merger

A new name, new packages, new pricing.

If you’re a Time Warner Cable customer, changes are on the horizon. Charter Communications in May acquired the giant cable and internet service provider, along with Bright House Networks, for roughly $67 billion.

The deal makes Charter the nation’s second-largest cable operator behind Comcast Corp.

The mega-merger recalls the recent deal between Verizon and Frontier Communications in which thousands of area subscribers went offline during the transition.

The decoupling from Verizon was fraught with technical and hardware issues, many of which remain unresolved.

TWC subscribers might wonder if their fate will echo that of those frustrated Frontier customers. To that end, here’s what we know:

New name

Say goodbye to Time Warner Cable. The company name is changing to Spectrum.

While customers may be seeing commercials about the name change, they should see the familiar TWC eyeball logo for a few more months.

Charter did not provide a firm estimate of when the change would be complete.

No disruptions expected

Spectrum will not be a repeat of Frontier.

At least, that’s the message from Charter.

Company spokesman Justin Venech said TWC customers should not expect any changes.

“We purchased all of Time Warner Cable and Bright House Networks. With this transaction we acquired everything,” Venech said. “We’re able to take more time in the integration process and not rush to make changes.”

He added that in the months to come, Charter will convert Time Warner’s aging infrastructure into a wholly digital system. The process should be complete in 18 months, Venech said.

But keep a close eye on your mail, subscribers. Charter said it will introduce new packaging and pricing options. Perks include no data caps or modem lease fees.

“The Spectrum pricing and packaging is a better value” than TWC, Venech said.

Venech said a handful of new packages and price options would be offered, but customers can opt to stay with the package and price they currently have.

Spectrum will offer a package for internet service only, not just bundled packages. Charter would not provide specific details on the new pricing.

New customer service model

Perhaps with its eye on other cable service debacles, Charter is ramping up customer service.

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