Time Warner cabinet site causes stir

It appears some old-fashioned persistence and griping could lead to satisfaction for a German Village couple.

Time Warner Cable is looking at finding another location for a power-backup box originally set for installation in front of Sharon and Richard Pettit’s house on Jaeger Street.

The protracted battle started about five weeks ago, when the cable company installed a concrete pad, the foundation for the box, also called a cabinet, in the right of way in front of the Pettit’s house.

Mike Hogan, a spokesman for Time Warner Cable, said the cabinets are necessary to provide continued service during power outages.

"The power supplies are located in public rights of way and help us provide reliable service to local customers, and we’re looking at whether there is another option for this particular power supply," Hogan said in a prepared statement.

A final decision, however, has not been made, Hogan said.

The Pettits said the 4-foot-tall gray box would be unsightly and eliminate a parking space, because opening of the car’s passenger door would be obstructed.

"That takes up quite a bit of space," Mrs. Pettit said of the cabinet.

They enlisted the help of their neighbors, the German Village Society and even hired a lawyer. They had an uphill climb: what the utility wanted to do was legal.

The city had properly issued a permit for the device, said Jeff Ortega, spokesman for the public service department.

There’s at least one other cabinet in the historic district, at City Park Avenue and Hoster Street. Hogan could not immediately confirm other locations.

Read full story at http://www.thisweeknews.com/content/stories/germanvillage/news/2016/06/27/time-warner-cabinet-site-causes-stir.html


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